Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 3: Georgia Here I Come!

Oh my goodness, so much has happened since I last wrote! Traveling to Atlanta went well, all of us slept on the plane a little so that was nice.  We got to the airport and when we went outside we were all instantly sweating. Haha, the first thing Sister Nau said was, " I'm sweating bricks right now."  We were shuttled over to the church in a bunch of cars, and once we got there the Senior Missionaries talked to us about out apartments, cars, etc.  We were all falling asleep because we were so tired. I felt so bad!  Then we had an amazing dinner that the ward made for us, and we got to talk with President Harding, and he is so amazing!  We went to a member’s houses to sleep and we stayed with a family that was so sweet, the mom reminded me exactly of Nicole Stapp.  I saw fireflies that night, and it was so cool!  There is a constant hum of noise at night, SO many bugs and frogs everywhere!  Our area is so pretty.  There are so many trees that line the roads. It seriously feels like we are driving through a giant maze because there are huge walls of trees everywhere.  There are just as many roads for golf carts as there are for real cars.  Just in the city that I am in there are 4 golf courses and everyone drives their golf carts around!  CJ would love it here.  For our first breakfast, the member we stayed with took us to Chick-Fil-A.  Great way to start out my adventure in Georgia!  

I have two companions and they are both great!  Sister Perry is in another area right now driving around a companionship because one broke her arm and the other isn’t from the states.  Sister Butts is amazing!  She has been out about a year and has already taught me so much.  She is such a great trainer- Sister Butts and Sister Perry are both from around Brigham City, Utah.  The biggest news of all is that we had a baptism!!  It was so cool to have this experience in my first week. They had been teaching him for about a week before I got here, and then we taught him for another week and he was so excited to be baptized!  Cavan is 19, and he lives in Peach Tree City.  He is in the YSA ward and it was great! (I am sending a picture of my journal entry along that gives all of the details of the day he was baptized!)  It was such a powerful experience to see the joy he felt after getting baptized!  He gave the guy that baptized him a huge hug and he was seriously beaming afterward!  The spirit was so strong and moments like that build by testimony so much.  I love seeing the joy that the gospel brings to peoples lives!  

Everyone here is seriously so nice.  We go door to door sometimes and just ask to pray with people and everyone loves it because everyone is so religious!  There are churches literally on every corner and so many religious people – it’s great!  Church is a big deal to a lot of people down here.  So many are open to hearing what we have to say, and if they aren’t interested then they are super polite about it!  Door to door has been kind of hard for me because I get so nervous.  I just have to remember "20 seconds of insane courage!"  I love teaching the members, and getting to know all of them.  We are over the family ward and the YSA ward in the area so we are super busy! There are so many amazing members here, and they all say "You are in the best ward in the world!" or "You have the best ward for your first area!"  They really are amazing, and it is so cool to see how involved they are in the missionary work!   

The houses are so fun to look at - it is super diverse here too.  We teach people in a gated community with country estates and so much land, and we also teach people that live in trailer parks!  I love how many different kinds of people there are here!  (I don't know how close we are to the city of Atlanta, but I don't think we are that close- it is all pretty open out here and no huge city buildings.)  The cities we cover are Senioa, Peachtree City, and Fayetteville, so we have to drive a lot!  It will randomly rain so hard here and the streets are like rivers!  But it doesn't last long before it goes away. We go running every morning on the golf cart paths, and it is like we are running through a forest!  Trees are surrounding us and there are so many animals everywhere.  It is so beautiful! 

 I love hearing the details from home!  I am so sad I can't come to Rye with you!  Sometimes I wish I could apperate home and sit with you for a little while and just talk with you in the kitchen!!  I haven't been too homesick, but I definitely miss seeing you everyday.  I have moments where I am having a great day and then I start to think about home and I get all emotional!  Haha, so many emotions this past week!  Overall it has been such a good learning experience though.  I am really learning to rely on the Lord for help - when I take a step back it is miraculous to see what He has done for me.  I can't even describe how much help I am receiving from Heaven!  My mission president told me "There are so many unseen forces helping this work go forward", and I 100% agree with him!  So many people need to hear this gospel, and I know that as long as I work hard and keep pushing forward that I will receive so much help.  Family, I love you all so much and I am praying for you!  Ty- I can't believe how much you are working! Way to go!  Soak up all that time you have to relax in Rye.  I love you and hope you are doing great!  Tell Scott I say Hi and that I love him!  I loved talking you at the airport!  Whenever I get down I cling to that time we had to talk.  I love you both so much and I couldn't ask for better parents!

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