Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 4: 4th of July in Georgia!

It sounds like you are all having so much fun in Rye!  The zip-line sounds awesome.  I wish I could be there to see all of the craziness! This week has been pretty good.  I have definitely been the most homesick since leaving on my mission.  I don't know why, but it could be because we weren't as busy this week.  A lot of appointments fell through, so I had more time to think about home and being with you guys!  We go knocking on doors sometimes (it is seriously the worst, I am trying to find a love for it- but it stresses me out and takes me back to selling coupons!)  Both of my companions have learned to love it, so hopefully that will happen to me over time.  Most of the people are actually really nice, but you get a few rude ones, and I just need to learn to not get my feelings hurt!  Another thing that was kind of sad was one of our investigators asked us to stop coming over.  We also had an investigator planning on coming to church who didn't show up, and our baptism last week didn't make it to church.  I guess this is all part of being a missionary!

Tell Kelsi thank you so much for the package!!! It was one of the highlights of my week!  I was so excited when I got it and it came right on the 4th, so it was perfect.  I started crying while I was reading the little note she sent me, it totally made my week!  

There were a lot of tender mercies throughout the week, though.  We had an awesome experience teaching a member of the YSA ward who hasn't been to church in 7 months.  The spirit was so strong while we were teaching him.  Even though his faith has dwindled in the past, you could see it begin to grow again in him!  He came to church this Sunday and it was amazing!  He bore his testimony and everything. Some other highlights of the week were going to get Thai food with a member family for lunch, and we have an investigator whose boyfriend left on his mission and is super interested in the church.  She is so cute and I love teaching her.  Because we have become such great friends it’s fun and easy to teach her.  We had “break the fast” with the singles ward yesterday, and it was a lot of fun to get to know the ward members better!  We visit a lot of families regularly to share lessons about being member missionaries, and it is so fun to spend time with them!

Oh I forgot to mention- Sister Perry came back this week and then Sister Butts went to go drive the other sisters for the week.  It has been kind of tricky transitioning every week to a new companion, but we will be a trio in about three weeks.  Sister Perry is so positive all of the time, and she is such a great missionary!  I love getting to know the members here, and the bishop's in both wards are enthusiastic about missionary work.  Our new mission president and his wife are amazing!  We met them as a zone and they spent about two hours talking to us.  They are so nice and funny, and I am really looking forward to getting to know them better. This week I felt so much closer to my Savior.  When I think of hard times I am going through or the people I teach are going through, it amazes me to think that He knows exactly how we feel and He is there to help us!  Sometimes all I have to do is look at my name badge, and our names are right there together!  I have learned to really rely on my Savior and I know that He will never abandon me and He is continually giving me that strength I need to get through each day.

Our 4th of July was awesome!  It rained SO hard until 11:00 in the morning.  We were going to go to the huge parade, but decided against getting soaked.  A lot of people were either gone or busy so it was kind of tricky being able to teach people, but when we got home we had a 10 minute celebration with the package Kelsi sent to me, and it was a blast!  Then we fell asleep to the sound of fireworks.  I love you all SO much, and right now I am missing all of you like crazy.  I know that by serving out here you will all be blessed back at home!  I pray for you all everyday!  Love you!   
4th of July Celebrations in our apartment!!

So many failed attempts at self timer, but it was fun to celebrate a tiny bit on the 4th!

This picture was a total accident but I thought it was pretty funny :)

We have matching night gowns... we were destined to be companions!

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