Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 5: Southern Hospitality

I just want to start out by saying that this week has been so much better!  I have been a lot less homesick, and I can testify that the power of prayer is real and that God loves each of us so much.  I felt strengthened everyday, and thank you all for your prayers and letters!

Okay, so this week Sister Butts came back and we were a companionship!  It is kind of crazy trying to update her on everything, but it has been good for me to really pay attention and be involved in the work!  I think my favorite part of this week has been hearing the stories of the members.  When I hear their conversion stories and see how much they have sacrificed for the gospel it amazes me!  Their faith and testimonies have inspired me so much.  One lady we visited with was so inspiring; her husband hated the church and was really mean to her, and she got baptized without him knowing.  Years later they got divorced and she has served two single sister missions in her life and is such a faithful member!

 I love hearing how people have grown in the gospel, too. Many people go through stages of inactivity, some longer than others, but it is so cool to see how everyone's journey is so different. We visit this elderly couple (she has been inactive for probably 25 years and he isn't a member) and it is crazy seeing her life come full circle.  It is amazing to see how the gospel can affect people's lives!  I spoke in the YSA ward on Sunday (we are at the church for 6 hours because we are over 2 wards!)  

 I have felt so much braver this week!  Doing door approaches has become a lot easier than it was before.  I thought it was funny when this lady opened her door and was definitely not interested but was super nice. She was all, " I really appreciate what ya'll are doing, it says right in the bible that we should all be out preaching the word, but you Mormons are the only ones who take that seriously."  Then she was telling us all about her pet squirrel... haha!  One funny thing, the members give us so many sweets! The best is "We are trying to lose weight, so please take our treats."  They really are so sweet and love to feed the missionaries. 

It has been super hot, but thank goodness the AC in our car works so well.  I can't believe I have already been out for over a month!  Being a missionary is an amazing experience.  It gives me such a cool perspective on people.  Even if people aren't interested or aren't nice, we love them anyway.  When I choose to love others no matter what they do, it helps me feel God's love for me and for everyone else.  This has been such a learning experience, and this is quite the adventure I am on! 

Love Ya'll!! (I literally try to say you all instead of ya'll and people look at me like I'm crazy, haha, before you know it I am going to have a full on southern accent).  Some people have THE strongest accents down here and I just smile and nod my head because I have no idea what they are saying.  Love you!  Thank you so much for the support and prayers, I can definitely feel them! 


 Sister Hunter  
 When the sun is going down it is seriously SO beautiful.

 There are so many trees here, it is crazy! 

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