Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 6: YSA Luau Gone Awry

Hello Everyone! A few highlights from the week-

YSA Luau! We had a huge activity for the YSA ward, and it was fun to see so many people come out, and it was a great way for me to meet the members.  It was 1000 degrees and everyone was swimming while we sat on the side in a little pool of sweat.  That entire day felt like I was walking around in a sauna (earlier that day we went door to door with a YSA member and she said, "Georgia takes sweating bullets to an entirely new level", it is so true!)  They went all out and bought an entire pig and put it in the ground the night before to slow cook it all day! The funniest part of it was after digging the hole, buying the pig, gathering wood, making the fire and having it die down, and then burying the pig- it was still raw when we pulled it out! Ha, it was actually sad because they put so much effort into it, and they had been planning it for weeks!  They don’t know what went wrong!  They ended up just cutting it up and putting the pieces of meat on the grill.  

Sister Perry came back on Thursday, and hopefully the other sister will get her cast off today, and Sister Butts can come back for good! It has been a little tricky for me, because they come back not knowing anything that has happened from the week. I have to fill them in on everything, but it is keeping me on my toes!  Being over two areas has kind of been tricky as well. It totally has it's advantages though- we have so many amazing members willing to come on team ups with us throughout the week. I love it!

Today we are spray- painting t-shirts with one of our investigators and her little sister, so I will for sure send pictures of that next week. We are also planning on going peach picking with a YSA member next week!  I have started writing down every night in my journal miracles that I see throughout the day and it is amazing to see the role Heavenly Father plays in our day -to -day life!  Sometimes I get really stressed if we are on a time crunch with appointments or running late, but at the end of the day I look back and everything seems to fall into place every time!  And if it doesn't I can sometimes see the lesson I was supposed to learn from having that experience.  One was when we were filling our car up with gas, and I felt really prompted to go and talk to this guy. I went right up to him and asked him if I could give him a pass along card, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He threw his hands back like I was handing him the plague instead of the card. Afterward I was so confused as to why I felt prompted to go and talk to him, but from each experience I feel myself growing and getting a little bit stronger and more courageous.  Looking back it was actually pretty funny. I am glad that I have Sister Perry and Sister Butts with me, and we can draw so much support from each other! 

Some of the amazing miracles I have seen since I have been here have happened while working with less active members. It is wonderful to see how we are able to work with the active ward members, and together we are seeing hearts soften and change.  I love seeing the growth in the less active members, and seeing how actively participating in church can make such a difference in someone's life! 

Some quotes that have helped me throughout the week: 

"We love what we sacrifice for, and we sacrifice for what we love" - Ezra Taft Benson

"The Lord doesn't ask about our inabilities or abilities.  He only asks about our availability.  If we show our dependability, He will help us in our capability." - Neal A. Maxwell 

Love you guys!

This is sister Mason, the mission nurse!  She is serving a single sister mission.  She spent the whole day with us on Tuesday and it was awesome.


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