Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 10: New Companion


It has been so fun getting to know Sister Taylor this week!  She is the newest member of the trio.  She's from Tooele and has been on her mission for 3 months.  She is a great addition to the trio and I am excited to be able to be serving with her. I feel so bad, for some reason I always want to call her Sister Smith (I have no clue why, she just looks like a Sister Smith!!) I even wrote "Smith" on the progress record for ward council, it was so embarrassing! 

Anyway, this week I have been studying and learning a lot about patience!  We taught a few members that lesson with a story in the Ensign, and after teaching it a few times it clicked in my head that probably the person who needed this lesson the most was me!  Christ is the ultimate example of patience and everything I go through is so minimal compared to what He went through.  It gives me so much comfort to know that He is there to bear me up when I am feeling weak and to make up for all of my shortcomings.  

This week we were able to meet a lot of really awesome people. We met a lady who was going through a really hard time with her marriage, and we were able to share scriptures that gave her comfort and she loved reading out of the Book of Mormon!  It is really amazing to see that when we follow the promptings of the Spirit where we can be guided!  She looked at us and said, "What possessed you to come here today?  This is exactly what I needed."  It is amazing to see that Heavenly Father guides our path to help those in need.  

I love seeing the small, tender mercies that I am blessed with each day!  Yesterday we decided that we were going to go tracting, and because I get so nervous at doors I really didn't want to do it. The first guy that answered the door (he wasn't interested or anything) was like, " I really admire the work that you are all doing, keep up the good work!"  Just that small statement made my day so much better!  

When we were walking back to our apartment one of our neighbors yelled over "Hey!  It’s not Charlie's Angels, but God's Angles!!"  Little things like that can make my day!  

Sorry it was so short this week, but I loved reading both of your emails Mom and Dad!  I love you guys!  I'll send pictures of Sister Taylor next week. 

 This fountain is right in front of the library where we email!

 Exchanges with Sister Magokpa! 

Last day with Sister Butts! 

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