Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 8: Atlanta Temple Trip

On Tuesday we went to the Atlanta Temple, and it was such an amazing experience!  I loved being in the temple with so many missionaries! (Mom and Dad I know you love the details about temples- I would say that this one is SMALL, it is a little smaller than the Draper temple, and the decor of it is very simple, and so beautiful!  I can't wait to go with both of you some day!)

There has been such a focus on the Book of Mormon in our mission, and it is amazing to see the miracles that can come from reading the Book of Mormon!  We visit an elderly couple every week and she has never been very active in the church and has never understood the importance of the Book of Mormon. Yesterday we went over and she said "I am going to read the Book of Mormon until I understand it!  Even if that means I have to read it 3 times!"  It was a miracle to see her have the desire to read it!  She got the Book of Mormon on the kindle so her husband can read it too- the font is massive! It’s like 5 words on a page, haha. 

We attended two baptisms this week, one from the White Water Ward for an 8 year old boy whose family is all members, and then another baptism that my companions both taught  while they were switching off every week. His younger brother who got baptized a month ago was able to baptize him and it was so amazing to see them so happy!  

We had some neat experiences finding investigators this week. We  ran into two guys that were landscaping an apartment complex that we were walking through.  One of them had met with missionaries for about a year and the other guy said, "I want to come visit your church!"  He accepted a Book of Mormon and they were so nice.  We asked them to watch a Mormon Message and then text us and tell us what they thought of it (we ask a lot of the people we meet to do that), and they actually texted us!  That never happens!  We also talked to a girl that had met sisters before and had them over to do service, and we are going to see her this week!  I am still working on getting over that fear of going up and talking to random people about the church. I never know how they are going to react but I won’t know unless I try, and you never know who is ready to hear the gospel!     

One thing I love seeing is when the members get so excited about missionary work!  It SO true that the best way for missionary work to go forward is through the help of the members!  The members in both wards are so amazing and I love getting to help and support them.

I can't believe transfers are already next week!  Time flies.  I love you!

Sister Hunter 

 Taking a short cut on the golf path

 Movie night watching "The District"

 Peach picking in Peach Tree City

 President and Sister Foote - love them!

 Great day at the Atlanta Temple

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