Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 9: Small Miracles

OKAY- so update on transfers- they are on Wednesday, and they called us this morning and let us know that Sister Butts is getting transferred and Sister Perry and I are staying in this area and getting another companion!  So we will still be in a trio- There are pro's and con's to being in a trio but I think it will be good!  It is awesome that we get to go on splits with members while the other two go tracting, and it is fun to be in a group of three. Sometimes though I think it’s a little intimidating for investigators when all three of us show up. 

 Alpine Days looked like it was so much fun!  Tell Kelsi that I am amazed by her quilt!  I can't believe Brooklyn is already home from her mission- time flies! It was so fun to look through the ward newsletter and read about all the missionaries in our ward! I was thinking the other day that I am the only person on both sides of our family out of the cousins that went on an English speaking mission. I guess besides Paul who went to Ireland and Kirk who went to Pittsburg. Anyway that was a super random thought, but I am proud of all of our cousins out there serving!  

This week was a week full of small miracles!  It is amazing to see the change that can come through reading the Book of Mormon.  One of our investigators (she is seriously the sweetest girl) is our age and whenever we teach her it feels like we are just talking to a friend!  She has started reading a couple chapters of the Book of Mormon everyday, and as we were talking to her about how she is feeling about the church and the B.O.M her response was "You just feel it right here" as she put her hand to her heart, "and there is no way that it is not true when you feel that way while you are reading it."  She told us how strongly she felt the Spirit during sacrament meeting and being able to teach her and get to know her has been such a blessing!  Teaching her has strengthened my testimony so much.  

We were able to attend two baptisms this week. One was for a lady that some of the elders in our zone taught and when she got up and bore her testimony at the end she said, "I felt like a pie that had 1/3 cut out, and as the elders were teaching me I slowly began to feel that missing piece fill in."  It is amazing to see how the gospel can fill those missing pieces in peoples lives.  (I thought people only said that kind of stuff in Preach My Gospel or scripted videos- but that WAS REAL!)  The other baptism was a couple that has a daughter who is a member and they finally decided to be baptized.  They are so old!  The closest thing that I can compare it to so ya'll can have a visual is imagine Bertha Adams getting baptized.  The Elder had to be SO gentle with them, so gentle!  It felt like the whole room was holding their breath as they went under and came back up. I have never been to a baptism quite like that.  It was sweet to see their smiling faces the entire time!  

We went on exchanges this week for a day, and I went to the Sharpsburg area with Sister Makgopa .  She is from South Africa, and it was such a neat experience being with her for a day!  We were able to help out a lot with the baptism and I was able to drive which was kinda cool!  

I can't believe that I am already finished with my first transfer!  It feels like I just got here, but at the same time it feels like I have been here for YEARS, haha, time on a mission is seriously the weirdest thing.  I have learned so much this first transfer and wouldn't change the experiences I had for the world!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to be out here and I feel so lucky to be able to meet so many amazing people.  

Tell Ty that I will be rooting him on from afar when he starts school!  Tell Scott that I say Hi. Hope he is doing well!  Love you all and thanks so much for the support! Until next week!  

Sister Hunter

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