Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 14: Welcome to Snellville

After being notified that I was getting emergency transferred we ran around like crazy saying goodbye to the investigators we have been teaching and the members that I was really close to.  It was sad to say goodbye but change is inevitable on the mission!  President and Sister Foote and I drove about an hour and a half up to my new area- stopping at Chick-fil-A along the way, because there are just about as many Chick-fil-A's as there are churches here - which is a TON.  It was cool because I will probably never get to spend that time alone with the mission president and his wife again.  They are so funny and the nicest people.  Right when I arrived in Snellville my new companion and I instantly clicked.  Sister Russel is amazing!  We get along so well, and I know that this is the place that the Lord wants me to serve!  She loves “Psych” and “That’s So Raven”- I mean what more could you want in a companion!  No, but really, she is such a hard worker and a powerful teacher.  I am already learning so much from her.    

This week we had a baptism!  It was so amazing to see how everything happens in the Lord’s timing!  The boy who got baptized is 16 years old and has been investigating the church for 2 years (which in missionary time is a long time!) and he made the decision to be baptized, and he was completely glowing after!   It goes to show that we can never give up on people because with patience and faith miracles can happen! His friend that moved out of the ward came down from South Carolina to baptize him, and so many people came to support him.  It was so amazing to see the love from the ward members and how much they care about him.  At the end of the baptism a member of the ward came up to us and introduced us to his 10-year-old granddaughter and told us that she wants to be baptized. She just needs to be taught the lessons!  MIRACLE! As missionaries we work so hard to bring people to the waters of baptism, and it is such a testimony builder for me to know that Heavenly Father is mindful of his servants because He sent us that miracle of an opportunity to teach this girl!  We went over and taught her two hours later, and she is scheduled to be baptized in October. 

People seem to be opening up to us and it is great to witness how the gospel blesses their lives! There are so many old people here!  Ha!  We love it - my companion and I go on team ups with all the little grandmas and it’s the best!  They love the missionaries and they are so supportive.  The weather has been cooling down which has been amazing! I forgot what it feels like not to be sweating while being outside.  It is so nice!

I have loved it here so far and I am really hoping that I don't get transferred- transfers are in a week and a half and I hope Sister Russell and I both get to stay here!  

Love,  Sister Hunter  

It was hard to have to say goodbye to this wonderful investigator family in Peach Tree City

One last picture with Sister Perry and Sister Taylor before heading to Snellville

Sister Russell (from Gilbert, Arizona) and I hit it off instantly!

My first week in Snellville started off with a baptism.  After investigating the church for 2 years, this sixteen year old was baptized.  It was easy to see the joy in his face - he was glowing!

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