Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 16: Back to Peach Tree City and the Whitewater Ward!

This week has definitely been an eventful one! I was sad to leave Sister Russell and Snellville- it is crazy that I was only there for a little over two weeks because I felt like I got so close to some of the members in that short time!  The experiences I had there were so awesome and maybe one day I will be sent back!  Transfers were crazy- I had already had it set in my mind that I was going to Centerville.  During our transfer meeting, President Foote said,  "Whitewater: transferring in is….. Sister Hunter" Everyone gasped so loud!  Haha I was so shocked! My jaw nearly hit the floor and then President said, "Welcome home Sister Hunter!" It has been so fun being back!!  It was great to surprise everyone at church on Sunday. There must be some reason why I needed to be back here, and I am excited to work hard and see what that reason is!  Sister Barrett is the sister I am training and she is so awesome, really sweet and really positive!  We have definitely been having an adventure on the bikes and driving the mini-van around!  

Some of the Miracles that we have seen this week:

We knocked on a potentials door, visited with her, and said a prayer.  As we were walking out of the complex a guy was sitting on the stairs and asked if we were Mormon.  We told him we were and he said that he has been really interested in learning more about our church and asked if he could have a Book of Mormon. That was a miracle!  We talked to him a few days later and he said that he has read almost half of it!  That never happens!! We are meeting with him later this week- but we are going to refer him to the YSA missionaries.  We’re still really excited to hear about his progress though! 

We knocked on the door of a man who we had left a Book of Mormon with a couple months ago.  His wife answered the door and as we got talking she was telling us that she had investigated the church for about seven months a long time ago when she lived in California.  Since moving back here she has been attending her old church, but she was excited to see us and we told her about conference this coming week, and she told us that she was excited to watch it!  She had kept her Book of Mormon and everything else the missionaries had given her.  We are excited to go and see how she liked conference! 

We started talking to a girl who works at our local grocery store and when we told her we were missionaries she said, "I've been wanting to come to your church for a long time!"  We were so blown away!  I love that Heavenly Father puts those small miracles in our path! 

This week I have been reading in Alma about the Stripling Warriors, and it has helped build my testimony of the power of faith and of obeying your parents!  Since being out here I have had to rely on faith more than I ever have in my life.  It helps me have a positive outlook and gives me the strength I need to get through the day because I know that my Heavenly Father is there to help me through everything!  Another thing that I have come to appreciate so much since being away is family.  Dad, I think I am starting to inherit some of your emotions because literally every time anyone gets up to bear their testimony about their family or talk about their parents I get all emotional!  All I can say is that I am so grateful that families are eternal because I sure do miss all of you! 

Last funny story- we went to a big car show is Senoia (I am so mad I forgot to take my camera that day) and there were tons of people that we could talk to.  We started talking to an older man and he said, "Dale Murphy is a Mormon!! I love that guy!"  I played the whole "He was actually my neighbor!" card, and he thought that was the coolest thing in the world!  It was fun making that little connection and he was going on and on about how great of a person Dale is!  So a shout out to Dale Murphy for helping me as I meet new people here in Georgia! 

Love you!  Thanks for everything! 

Love, Sister Hunter 

Right before we headed out on our first biking day! It rained almost the whole time!  

 Me, Sister McFarland, Sister Manzer, and Sister Barrett! 

Catching a fish on P-day

I'm going to miss Snellville!

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