Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 20: A Visit From Elder Zwick

This was another great week! We covered both areas again, so it was pretty hectic and we did a lot of driving. The three of us have fun together talking and laughing while we’re in the car, so the time goes by so quickly.

We had a great lesson with Mary at the Foote's home, and she really is so amazing!  Even though I am the missionary I sometimes feel like she is teaching me!  We had dinner and a lesson and the Foote's testimonies were so strong. It is always a cool experience teaching in their home.  

We went to the temple to do baptisms with Bernice, and it was a really cool experience to see how excited she was to do the work for her Mom.  The spirit was so strong and I felt so grateful to be there with her. 

We were so fortunate to have Elder and Sister Zwick visiting our mission.  They taught us all day on Thursday, and the things they said were exactly what our mission needed to hear!   

Sister Buhler got emergency transferred to Rome, Georgia, so that was kind of a bummer to see her leave!

I love being a missionary and I wouldn't change any of these experiences I am having for the world!  Thanks for all of the support and prayers- I can definitely feel them strengthening me! 

Love, Sister Hunter 

 Helping to paint a cool Halloween costume to fit over a wheelchair

 On our way to hear Elder Zwick in the Swagger Wagon

 Helping ward members do temple work is the best!

 The trio!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 19: Eating Alligator Tail

It has been a wonderful week!  So many good experiences!  The weather has been cooling down so much.  After such a hot and humid summer I didn't think it was possible that it could cool down this much, but it has been so nice!  When we go running in the morning I actually have to wear a sweatshirt.  It makes riding the bikes really nice. 

Friday we had to ride our bikes all the way into Fayetteville, which is further than we normally go.  As we were biking there our dinner appointment cancelled on us.  We were pretty bummed considering we had just finished biking up this huge hill.  We were catching our breath at the top of the hill when a member drove by and honked at us.  She then turned around, pulled over, and asked us if we wanted to go out to dinner with her! AH!  It was such a blessing and a miracle. We had a great dinner and I ate alligator tail for the first time!

Saturday we went “finding” for about 30 min before the other sisters dropped off the car for us. The first door we knocked on was opened by a lady whose mother is in really bad health, and she was so happy to have us pray with her.  As we read out of the Book of Mormon we could tell that it really touched her!  We knocked on another door and the lady invited us right in and was so excited to hear our message!  It was crazy, she invited us in like she already knew us and then as I was explaining the difference between the Bible and the Book of Mormon she pointed at the Book of Mormon and said, "I've heard of the Bible, but it is that book that I really want to read.” She moved here from Africa and is so busy going to school and working, and I know that the gospel will bless her life so much!

Sunday we had two of our investigators come to church.  Afterwards we took the investigators to eat dinner with the same member who fed us earlier in the week. (She is exactly the kind of member missionary that I would like to be someday)!  We went to a fireside after dinner where the Foote's spoke, and it was amazing!  They really focused on Christ and the spirit was so strong in that meeting!  

Earlier in the week we were able to help a recent convert get the temple information ready to do baptisms for her mom.  She is so excited to do the work for her mother!

 All five of us on a members golf cart

 The golf cart paths are everywhere!

The lake by the library where we got on the computer to get the temple name

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 18: Proselyting on Golf Carts

Every week on the mission has been so different that I never know what to expect!  We had another emergency transfer, and the Sister from the other ward that meets in our building is now part of our companionship- yay for trios!  She finishes her mission in three weeks so I suspect she will stay with us until that time.  She is so fun and brings a really positive vibe to the apartment!  We have been covering her area as well as ours for the past couple of days so it has been busy!  The weather has been cooling down and the humidity has lowered so it has been so nice!  Every time we walk outside we say, "It feels like Utah weather!”  We have our mini van (we prefer to call it “The Swagger Wagon”) for about half of the week and the other half we are on bikes.  One day this past week a member drove us around all day on her golf cart. It was the best!  Haha we are probably some of the only missionaries that can say we travel around doing missionary work on golf carts- this is truly a unique place to be serving but I love it! 

Since General Conference, Sister Barrett and I have been "ponderizing" a scripture a week and this week my scripture is Mormon 9:19. It says, “And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God, and is a God of miracles."  I love this verse because there are so many miracles that happen in our lives that we don't always take the time to notice or have “the eyes to see”.  When I do notice those little, tender mercies from the Lord I am so much happier!  Here’s an example:  we had been on the bikes all day Thursday, and it was one of those days where no one was really listening to us.  It was pretty hot, and, yeah, just not one of the greatest days ever, but THEN a member in the ward called us and told us that she gets free Olive Garden for 7 months (I have no clue how she swung that deal) and she got us so much food!! Such a blessing and a miracle for us that day!  Tender mercies- they are everywhere!  Even in the form of carb loaded food :)  

We had another cool miracle this week- we started talking to a lady who was standing outside the grocery store about the gospel and her eyes lit up.  She was so interested in what we had to say!  She was meeting a friend at the grocery store and once he came out to talk to her she didn't even bother talking to him, she was like "I just want to listen to what you have to say, I can talk to him another time."  She lives in a tiny town that we found out isn't only out of our area, but out of our mission!  It’s a bummer that we won't be able to teach her!  She had never heard of the church or The Book of Mormon, and I was telling her how much peace it has brought to my life.  She expressed that she was having trouble with her son and that she needed that peace in her life!  It was such an amazing experience, and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put her in our path.  We called her a couple days later and she said that she has been reading. She said, "I highlighted parts of it just like you told me to!"  I am so sad that we won't get to teach her at all, but she is so ready for the Gospel!


Sister Hunter 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 17: Finding the Joy in Finding!

This week was such a spiritual week! We went to the temple on Wednesday, had Zone Training after, and then conference Saturday and Sunday- it was a great week!

Every time I go to the temple it really puts things into perspective.  At Zone Training we talked about Cheerfully Finding!  Tracting can get emotionally tiring.  There are a lot of people who are polite, but occasionally we get people who think we are crazy and will say, "We will pray for you" making us feel like we are lost puppies.  It is great that everyone feels so strongly about their religion, it just makes it a little difficult to find people who are willing to build on the faith they already have and learn more that could bless them!  I think I understand a lot better how Heavenly Father has to put up with us.  He gives us so many blessings and reminders and tools to make us happy, and sometimes we choose to slam the door in His face (metaphorically).  I often think, "If only they knew how happy the gospel would make them!"  Then I think Heavenly Father probably has to say to Himself, "If only Sister Hunter would be more like this or do more of that then she would be so much happier!"  I guess what I am saying is that I am learning so much more patience and a whole new perspective on so many different aspects about life! 

Sister Barrett is really good at "cheerfully finding"!  We had a funny experience this past Friday- we had an appointment that we had to get to and it was our day on the bikes.  It has been overcast all week and was sprinkling.  We were going along the trail and I had the golf cart path map in one hand while trying to balance the bike handle with the other hand while simultaneously trying to prevent the wind from blowing my skirt up.  We kept taking the wrong turn and finally ended up on a dirt path (pretty much mountain biking)! Good thing we gave ourselves enough time so we weren't TOO late to the appointment. We are slowly getting the hang of this whole bike thing!  We must have looked ridiculous trying to find our way around. Good thing we have the car some of the time! 

The appointment we went to was a really great experience.  It was the nanny of a member in our ward who has been really interested in the church.  She has read all the way through first Nephi and even watched conference with the family!  Conference somehow was 100 times more applicable and meaningful to me this year!  I have always loved conference but it was so powerful to hear all of the testimonies of the apostles and our sweet prophet. 

Love, Sister Hunter 

I absolutely love the Atlanta Temple