Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 17: Finding the Joy in Finding!

This week was such a spiritual week! We went to the temple on Wednesday, had Zone Training after, and then conference Saturday and Sunday- it was a great week!

Every time I go to the temple it really puts things into perspective.  At Zone Training we talked about Cheerfully Finding!  Tracting can get emotionally tiring.  There are a lot of people who are polite, but occasionally we get people who think we are crazy and will say, "We will pray for you" making us feel like we are lost puppies.  It is great that everyone feels so strongly about their religion, it just makes it a little difficult to find people who are willing to build on the faith they already have and learn more that could bless them!  I think I understand a lot better how Heavenly Father has to put up with us.  He gives us so many blessings and reminders and tools to make us happy, and sometimes we choose to slam the door in His face (metaphorically).  I often think, "If only they knew how happy the gospel would make them!"  Then I think Heavenly Father probably has to say to Himself, "If only Sister Hunter would be more like this or do more of that then she would be so much happier!"  I guess what I am saying is that I am learning so much more patience and a whole new perspective on so many different aspects about life! 

Sister Barrett is really good at "cheerfully finding"!  We had a funny experience this past Friday- we had an appointment that we had to get to and it was our day on the bikes.  It has been overcast all week and was sprinkling.  We were going along the trail and I had the golf cart path map in one hand while trying to balance the bike handle with the other hand while simultaneously trying to prevent the wind from blowing my skirt up.  We kept taking the wrong turn and finally ended up on a dirt path (pretty much mountain biking)! Good thing we gave ourselves enough time so we weren't TOO late to the appointment. We are slowly getting the hang of this whole bike thing!  We must have looked ridiculous trying to find our way around. Good thing we have the car some of the time! 

The appointment we went to was a really great experience.  It was the nanny of a member in our ward who has been really interested in the church.  She has read all the way through first Nephi and even watched conference with the family!  Conference somehow was 100 times more applicable and meaningful to me this year!  I have always loved conference but it was so powerful to hear all of the testimonies of the apostles and our sweet prophet. 

Love, Sister Hunter 

I absolutely love the Atlanta Temple

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