Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 19: Eating Alligator Tail

It has been a wonderful week!  So many good experiences!  The weather has been cooling down so much.  After such a hot and humid summer I didn't think it was possible that it could cool down this much, but it has been so nice!  When we go running in the morning I actually have to wear a sweatshirt.  It makes riding the bikes really nice. 

Friday we had to ride our bikes all the way into Fayetteville, which is further than we normally go.  As we were biking there our dinner appointment cancelled on us.  We were pretty bummed considering we had just finished biking up this huge hill.  We were catching our breath at the top of the hill when a member drove by and honked at us.  She then turned around, pulled over, and asked us if we wanted to go out to dinner with her! AH!  It was such a blessing and a miracle. We had a great dinner and I ate alligator tail for the first time!

Saturday we went “finding” for about 30 min before the other sisters dropped off the car for us. The first door we knocked on was opened by a lady whose mother is in really bad health, and she was so happy to have us pray with her.  As we read out of the Book of Mormon we could tell that it really touched her!  We knocked on another door and the lady invited us right in and was so excited to hear our message!  It was crazy, she invited us in like she already knew us and then as I was explaining the difference between the Bible and the Book of Mormon she pointed at the Book of Mormon and said, "I've heard of the Bible, but it is that book that I really want to read.” She moved here from Africa and is so busy going to school and working, and I know that the gospel will bless her life so much!

Sunday we had two of our investigators come to church.  Afterwards we took the investigators to eat dinner with the same member who fed us earlier in the week. (She is exactly the kind of member missionary that I would like to be someday)!  We went to a fireside after dinner where the Foote's spoke, and it was amazing!  They really focused on Christ and the spirit was so strong in that meeting!  

Earlier in the week we were able to help a recent convert get the temple information ready to do baptisms for her mom.  She is so excited to do the work for her mother!

 All five of us on a members golf cart

 The golf cart paths are everywhere!

The lake by the library where we got on the computer to get the temple name

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