Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 20: A Visit From Elder Zwick

This was another great week! We covered both areas again, so it was pretty hectic and we did a lot of driving. The three of us have fun together talking and laughing while we’re in the car, so the time goes by so quickly.

We had a great lesson with Mary at the Foote's home, and she really is so amazing!  Even though I am the missionary I sometimes feel like she is teaching me!  We had dinner and a lesson and the Foote's testimonies were so strong. It is always a cool experience teaching in their home.  

We went to the temple to do baptisms with Bernice, and it was a really cool experience to see how excited she was to do the work for her Mom.  The spirit was so strong and I felt so grateful to be there with her. 

We were so fortunate to have Elder and Sister Zwick visiting our mission.  They taught us all day on Thursday, and the things they said were exactly what our mission needed to hear!   

Sister Buhler got emergency transferred to Rome, Georgia, so that was kind of a bummer to see her leave!

I love being a missionary and I wouldn't change any of these experiences I am having for the world!  Thanks for all of the support and prayers- I can definitely feel them strengthening me! 

Love, Sister Hunter 

 Helping to paint a cool Halloween costume to fit over a wheelchair

 On our way to hear Elder Zwick in the Swagger Wagon

 Helping ward members do temple work is the best!

 The trio!

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