Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 24: Another Great Week!

I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving!  I feel like it was Halloween yesterday.  It has been getting quite a bit colder and the leaves are absolutely beautiful!  I need to get better at taking pictures.  We went to the temple on Tuesday and had Zone Training!  It is always such a highlight to be able to attend the temple. It is one of the few places where I can feel totally at peace.  We had a device put in our car that tracks how fast we drive and gives us warnings and different things if we go too fast.  I am pretty sure we are one of the last missions to get them. I guess it is a good thing though! They said there have been a lot fewer car accidents since they have started putting them in mission cars. 

We had some great lessons this week!  We had the opportunity to teach a man who had been taught by other missionaries in the past.  He actually stopped us in the grocery store.  He is hilarious!  It is so interesting to hear so many different views about the gospel.  He was telling us about a theory in which Moroni was an alien and all this crazy stuff.  Hearing all these absurd things people think about the church has been very interesting, and I am really grateful for the testimony that I have.  When people try to tell us differently it has no affect on me because of the truths that I already know.  He expressed to us that he feels like there is just something missing in the church that he attends now, and he is excited to read the Book of Mormon!  Hopefully he will! 

We were also able to teach our investigator that came to church last week.  We read the first chapter of 1st Nephi with her, and she loved it!  We got talking about how we are all so different, how Laman and Lemuel are so different from Nephi, and how as a mother she can see so many differences in her kids.  It is so cool that we can relate the scriptures to our lives. We went over on Sunday to wish her daughter a happy birthday.  She just turned four, and she is the sassiest little girl I have ever met!  Right before we left she got all up in her brothers face (who is like 3 years older than her) and was all "You betta shut yo mouth boy!"  I was dying, haha, she is hilarious!  I feel so lucky that I get to be part of so many amazing peoples lives! 

Some of the verses that I have been thinking a lot about this week are in chapter 18 of 1st Nephi.  I love reading about Nephi and his family because I feel like I always pick up something new.  I love 18:21 - I have been able to see that when I try to rely on myself I feel anxious, worried, and stressed.  When I rely on the Lord I am able to feel that "great calm,” knowing that I am His, and that He won’t give me a challenge that I can’t overcome.  Missionary work would be impossible without the help of the Lord.  I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Sister Hunter 

  This is a Pepper Plant that an older man gave to us after we stopped and talked to him when we were riding our bikes. He didn't want to learn about the gospel, but he gave us this plant!  

Our temple trips are the best!

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