Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 28: Merry Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is this week!!  It really is the best time of  the year!  Being a missionary is so awesome, but being a missionary at Christmastime is amazing!  It has gotten quite a bit colder here, but this week it’s supposed to warm up.  One of the members told us it is supposed to be 78 degrees on Christmas!   This week we said goodbye to Sister Manzer at transfers.  It was so fun to spend two transfers with all four of us together in the apartment!  She is really awesome!  We got a brand new sister in the apartment and she is really great too! 

We spent part of the transfer day helping one of our investigators pack up her apartment.  It’s sad because she is moving out of our area, but she said, "It’s so weird because when I ask for help ya'll actually come and you work hard, it’s so refreshing!" Haha, that is one thing that growing up in the church has taught me, to work!  We helped paint her house the next day, which was a lot of fun!  A sister from the PTC ward came and helped us because she flips houses for a living and it was so fun.  I felt like I was apart of one of those HGTV shows!  On Monday we had FHE with C and her kids, and a family from the ward.  We decorated Ginger Bread houses and had a little lesson!  It was a lot of fun, and it was funny to see the kids go crazy with the decorations!  It amazes me how awesome the families are in our ward are (and I’m sure all over the world).  It has become so obvious to me that the gospel is the glue that keeps families together and helps them work in unity.  I feel like my mission has helped me understand so many different parts of the gospel in so much greater depth, that sounds kind of weird, but it really has!  Missions are great, if anyone is on the fence about going on a mission I would wholeheartedly tell them to go because it will change who you are for the better.  Okay done with that, but for real, missions are awesome!

This week we went to Mission Leadership Council, and it was so awesome!  I sort of felt out of place being with the leadership of the mission, but now those are shoes Sister Barrett and I will do our best to fill!  Speaking of shoes, it was really cool because we all took our shoes off as we came in, and as all of us stood up and bore a brief testimony, President and Sister Foote were in the back shining all of our shoes.  They really are such amazing people!  The council was awesome, and I always feel so uplifted when I hear the testimonies of other missionaries! We went to a member’s house this week for dinner, got there a little early, and took their daughter with us caroling to the neighbors.  It was so cool to see the smile on everyone’s face as we sang!  Not because we have good voices- because we really don't, like at all- but because as we sang about Christ, the spirit was there!   It was so fun, and then after we ate dinner with them we stood around the piano and sang Christmas songs.  Who knew I could grow to love singing?  We also had the opportunity to serve at the Food Bank this week, and it was really neat to see so many different organizations come in.  After we gave them all their food I guess it’s tradition to send them off with a prayer.  It was really cool to hear so many different prayers and ways of praying!  Service really is the best!  Yay for Christmas and for service!  

  Saying goodbye to Sister Manzer

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