Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 29: 2016 Looks Peachy!

Merry Christmas from Peachtree City!  I hope that Christmas was as magical as it always is!  On Christmas day we were riding our bikes with the temperature in the upper 70's, so it was a very different Christmas than I am used to! We had SO much rain this past week and so much flooding!!  On Wednesday we had Zone Training which was SO awesome!  I feel like I am in the best mission in the world.  Probably every missionary says that, but it is true.  Sister Barrett and I were in 3 musicals numbers...haha, and we all know I have a horrible voice so that was an adventure!  Good thing they were group musical numbers.  The senior couples did a lot of the training, and I look up to them so much- we have awesome senior couples! We did car inspections in the rain which was an adventure!  After that we had the PTC sisters drop us off at an appointment.  This is a less active sister that we visit a lot and her husband isn't a member.  They are so sweet and have recently been having a lot of health issues, and we have just started coming in the back door because their two dogs bark really loud if we knock in the front.  So we walk in and the first thing we see is her oxygen tubes hanging on the door, so of course I  think the absolute worst and wonder if she is in the hospital or something.  We walk in  through the kitchen calling their names, and I peek into their room and her husband was asleep so I panic and turn around to get sister Barrett's attention.   The best part of this whole story is that she has a mouth full of cookies, and I am in a panic whispering, "We have to go, it is only J in there asleep!!..... are you really eating a cookie right now?"  Then we both burst out laughing, and ran on our tiptoes out of the house into the pouring rain to ride our bikes home!  We were biking in the POURING rain! It was one of those moments where I was like wow I am on a mission in Georgia, riding a bike in the pouring rain looking like a fool, yet we were laughing our heads off because it was so ridiculous! 

On Christmas day, after we went running in the morning in the rain, we came back and opened our Christmas packages!  After studies we went to a member’s house and ate breakfast.  We went caroling to their neighbors which was fun! We sang so much on Christmas!  We went caroling with two other member families too!  Singing is great though because it puts smiles on everyone’s faces. We had a cool experience finding this week.  We knocked on a lady’s door and she said that she was set in her religion, and when we asked if any of her neighbors could use a prayer she told us about R who was going through a really hard time.  Both his wife and his dog had passed away recently.   We went over to pray with him and he was talking about how he hasn't prayed in a really long time and that he wants to get back into that habit.  We are going back to see him this week.  It was just really cool to see how people watch out for each other and that his neighbor took the time to tell us about him.

A scripture that I read this morning that stood out to me was Alma 1:25.  I thought it was so applicable for our time.  A lot of the people in this chapter were being disobedient and wicked and verse 25 describes how the others reacted.  “Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them."  I really liked that because it shows that no matter what the world is doing , keeping the commandments will help us endure.  Enduring isn't always easy but it’s always worth it!  I can't wait to see all of the adventures that 2016 will bring!  Have a great week! 
Love, Sister Hunter 

 Having fun with fake snow Christmas morning

 Gathering with a member family Christmas morning


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