Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 33: Last Week of the Transfer!

I can't believe it’s the last week of the transfer!! We got a call from the AP's on Saturday night telling us that Sister Barrett is getting transferred and I’m staying in Whitewater for another transfer!! We thought for sure it would be the other way around because I have been here for so long, but nope I am staying!  I am so grateful though, because there are so many things that happened this week that make me so excited for this upcoming transfer!! 

Okay, first of all this has nothing to do with anything, but last Sunday Sister Barrett and I tracted into this guy that is IDENTICAL to Shawn Spencer.  I was freaking out because that is my favorite show of all time.  We talked for like 30 minutes and he was one of those "I think it is so amazing what you are doing, and I think more churches should do what you do, but I am never going to change my religion" kind of guy.   When we were leaving we told him how identical he was to that actor- James something or other- and he looked him up on his phone and put his face right next to the picture and it was scary how much they looked alike!!

We had Zone Training on Tuesday, and Sister Barrett and I were asked to give a training on being happy!  There was an awesome quote that our Relief Society president gave us from the talk by Jeffery R Holland called "The Tongue of Angels" and the quote says, “We should honor the Savior’s declaration to be of good cheer. Indeed, it seems to me that we may be more guilty of breaking that commandment than almost any other. Speak encouragingly, including about yourself.”  That made me really think, because one of Satan's greatest tools is to make us feel bad about ourselves or sad about certain situations that we are in, but the message and the light of the gospel has the power to drown out all of that darkness and sadness.  So the moral of the story- happiness is a choice that we can make every morning when we wake up, and when we make that choice we will help those around us feel joy too!

Tuesday was stressful because we were running behind like 15 minutes all day, and we had a full day of booked appointments.  A sister in our ward invited us to come over and do service by helping her cook meals for people in the ward.  It was just what we needed after such a stressful day!   We dropped the meals off to the different families, and that was a lot of fun too!  

On Saturday we had an awesome FHE with one of our investigator families.  We talked about building a good foundation and how when we pray, read our scriptures, and go to church we are built on a strong foundation that can't be blown over.  I love teaching kids, because they get so excited about things and they just light up when they are participating and talking about the gospel!  They all came to church the next day!! We were SO excited when they walked through the doors!  It was ward conference so it was a little weird, but for the most part it was still great!   The four year old little girl sat in between Sister Barrett and I, and she has so much energy.  I've been around a lot of kids in my lifetime and she has the most energy out of any child I have ever seen!  Haha!  Sister Barrett and I were trying to keep her distracted and quiet the whole time, she was writing all over my study journal, flipped through every pamphlet I had, took my hair out and started "braiding it" took, my name tag off and was playing with it- it was NUTS!  Just then the stake president gave a little shout out to the missionaries and was like, "Where are you sisters??"  We sheepishly raised our hands looking like a hot mess in the back of the chapel, good times!  The kids loved church though, so hopefully we will be seeing them more regularly in the future.

Later that day we ate at the Allen’s.  We went over to their neighbor who they are really good friends with, and she invited us right in and we talked with her for quite awhile. We talked to her about our missions and also that the Allen’s son is going on a mission.  We asked if she would be willing to come over to the Allen’s and let their son practice teaching the lessons and get her feedback.  She was more than willing to do that!   Later that night the Bishop called us to say that the 9 year old son of a recent convert from Florida who lives here with his mom wants to get baptized.  He just needs to go though the lessons!  We are super excited to start teaching him!  So many awesome miracles happened yesterday!  

Another miracle is that it snowed this week!  It didn't stick, but it was really cold for two days of the week and on one of the days we had to ride bikes so that was exciting/horribly cold.  Oh, and one last miracle!  We were driving around with a member (she texted us to see if we wanted a ride because we had the bikes that day - so awesome!) and as we were driving back we took a left hand turn onto a busy street at a one way stop, and everything was fine- then like 5 minutes after we left that exact spot a massive car accident took place and like 7 ambulances had to come.  I don't know very many details, but I know it was not good!  I know that the Lord is watching over and protecting me, and I know that all the prayers that are said on my behalf have helped keep me safe!  So THANK YOU!  

There was a broadcast this week to all the 75,000 missionaries in the world!  It was cool to think of all my friends and family on missions sitting and watching the same thing at the same time!  Yay for missions!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay here in this area, and I’m anxious to see what this next transfer holds!  

Love you all! Have a great week! 

 Exchanges with the FAY Sisters!

It snowed!


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