Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 34: First Week of the New Transfer

This has been a great week full of crazy experiences and wonderful miracles!  My new companion is Sister Kelly from Idaho!  She went to BYUI for 2 years before going on a mission, so who knows, maybe we passed each other in the halls at BYUI.  We have a similar sense of humor so we get along great!   We had a funny thing that happened right out of the gate.  We were tracting and Sis. Kelly was really nervous to talk at the door, so we role played a bunch and decided that she would take the next door.  Of course out of all the houses we knocked on that day she had to talk to a Baptist preacher.  I was dying!  He didn't let us talk to him or pray with him, but he prayed for us.... haha!  Earlier that day, we dropped by one of our investigators who has 21 kids (seriously, 21 kids!) She wasn't home, but one of her older sons, Revelation, was there.  We were talking to him about the Book of Mormon when his phone went off, and he said, "Hold on a sec, my prophet is calling".  We thought that was kind of weird, and then he put him on speaker and it sounded like a rapper or a slam poet quoting scripture super fast. I looked over at our team-up and asked, "Is he speaking English?"   All of a sudden Revelation yells into the phone, "It shall come to pass, it shall come to pass, it shall come to pass.”  We all look at each other like, 'what the heck it going on.’ It was funny, creepy, and super weird all at the same time.  It didn’t help that we were sitting in a room FULL of porcelain dolls that his mom makes.  Many of them were in strange praying positions and a lot of the dolls didn’t have hair.  I’m laughing even writing this, but if you can picture two missionaries and a member from the ward sitting in a room full of hairless porcelain dolls with Snoop Dog reading out of the Book of Mormon then you’ve got a pretty accurate depiction.  

Then we tracted into this guy who’s a hard core Baptist and had taken an anti Mormon class and was hounding us with questions. He whipped out his Bible, and Sister Kelly looked like a deer in the headlights!  I have become SO much less sensitive to people being rude to me since coming on my mission.  After being out here I honestly think there are very few things people could say that would offend me.  Mom’s advice, "Kill them with kindness," is honestly the best way to handle it! 

Onto the more important things of the week!  We had an awesome Sunday!  Charisse and her two oldest kids came to church again this week!! Charisse has such an awesome light about her, and it was so great to have her at church again.  We felt so bad, though, because her second oldest son was sick and throwing up in the bathroom during Primary.  She took him home, and later that night she texted and said they had to take him to the hospital and he has appendicitis!  The ward has been super awesome about helping out- hopefully everything will be okay.  Our new investigator and his Mom and Dad came to church too! His dad is a recent convert who lives in Florida, and he and his Mom live here.  The ward really reached out to them and made them feel welcome which we were so grateful for!  The dad is going to baptize him.  We just need to go through the lessons with him.  His mom sat in on the lesson as well and she had a lot of really great questions so we are really excited for the opportunity to teach both of them!  It is such a miracle how the whole thing worked out and we are really grateful to be apart of it! 

We also helped a less active member move into our apartment complex yesterday!  It was fun because there are three member families that live in our complex, and we just knocked on their door and a lot of them came out to help!  We are so sore today though- we moved all their stuff onto the second floor for an hour in the afternoon and an hour right before we went in for the night, and we were also on bikes all day!  Our Relief Society president took us to an appointment that was too far for biking.  We left our bikes at her house and she picked us back up after our appointment.  She and her husband love to road bike and they rode back to our apartment with us.  We were like a merry little biking party – it was so fun!  

Sister Kelly is so awesome- she really wants to get the lessons down.  When we’re on our bikes we use our time to role play and practice the lessons. I am excited for the many wonderful things that are going to happen this transfer!  Thank you for all the prayers from home!  Have a great week!

Love, Sister Hunter

 My new companion - Sister Kelly!

 I'm going to miss Sister Barrett!


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