Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 35: A Week in the Life of a Missionary

Okay!  Here we go- this week we had some awesome lessons, really good laughs, and a lot of quality biking time!  I never know how to format these letters so maybe this week I will do highlights of each day.

Monday: We ate with a family at a cute little pizza place, and had FHE with another member family!  We go over to this family every Monday night and practice teaching the lessons with them and they are a huge help.  They give us great advice on how to improve our teaching skills.

Tuesday:  We had district meeting and then we spent most of the day in Senoia.  We visited a less active member and as we were going to get lunch we stopped and talked to this girl.  We laughed when she asked if we were nuns!  We explained what we do as missionaries and then we set up a time to come back and visit her.  We visited her on Friday and taught her the first lesson and it went well!  She has such a desire to learn!  We taught another lesson to an investigator that has moved out of our area, but we have permission to start teaching her again!  It was great, and she also helped us practice the lessons and it was a huge help!  We then made dinner for Judy (the one whose husband passed away a while ago.)  We made Alfredo Pasta and cut up apples and oranges and then ate it on this SUPER nice china.... such an informal meal in a formal setting -haha!  But it was so fun to sit and talk and laugh with her!  

Wednesday: We taught a lesson to our new investigator and his mom.  We did the object lesson with the apostasy cups and he is really excited to get on a schedule of reading the Book of Mormon each day. It has been such a great experience teaching him!  We biked all day  too, so it was a good thing the weather was nice.

Thursday:  We did community service at a Catholic clothing organization.  We love going to serve there- everyone is so sweet and we run into a lot of people we know! 

Friday: We taught the girl we found on Tuesday and visited a few people close by!  All of our appointments cancelled that day, so we spent time finding, and we were able to help out our investigator, C, by helping make dinner and cleaning her house!  We had a Family Night with a family from the ward and had the kids helps us teach parts of the lesson.  

Saturday:  We sang at a Retirement Community with a YW from the ward and the elders in our district.  We were talking to the residents, and one lady was telling us how her birthday was on the fifteenth, and I was like, "That is so cool you were born the day after Valentines day!"  I was talking really loud and close to her because she was pretty hard of hearing.  She looked confused and said really loud, "Do I go to the bathroom??"  Sister Kelly died laughing and I was trying really hard to hold it together, haha!  We had fun and I love the spirit that music brings!  We went out to lunch, and we also did service for another member by helping her make cakes for her sons wedding!  We experimented with the decorating and lets just say I am glad that I don't want to be a cake decorator because I am horrible at it!  We taught her the Word of Wisdom that night- we are practicing teaching with a lot of members.  Sister Kelly and I both had a laughing attack and it took us a solid 5 minutes to pull ourselves together! Good thing she is so awesome and was laughing alongside us!  

Sunday: All of our appointments we had set cancelled because of the Super Bowl... but we biked over and dropped by a member family who said, "Sisters, come in and eat with us!" It was a mini miracle that we needed right then!  

It was a great week and I am so grateful for Sister Kelly as a companion.  I love learning from every companion and love the strengths that they all have that they have shared with me.  I am so grateful that I get to be a missionary!  Love you guys!  Have a great week!  
Sister Hunter 


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