Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 40: Golf Carts and Bugs and Near Bike Accidents....Oh My!

This week flew by!  We were able to teach the sweetest couple the first lesson.  We met them eight months ago and we’ve occasionally dropped in to say hi because they live right next to a member. Last week we asked if they would help us by giving us feedback on the lessons.  They were more than happy to have us come and teach them so they could help give us pointers on how to be better teachers!  They are agnostic and have a lot of really interesting ideas.  Before the lesson the wife took us on a golf cart ride, and after zipping in and out of trees and seeing all the beautiful plants beginning to bloom, the cute little golf cart died five houses from hers. Sister Kelly and I hopped off and pushed that thing all the way down the street!   We were laughing the entire time - the life of living in a golf cart community!  The lesson went great. Sister Kelly is becoming such a great teacher, and I have loved being able to watch her grow!  

We were able to have lunch and a mini lesson with a less active sister that I've been trying to contact since I've been here, and it was so cool to hear her story.  We were telling her how we've started helping a YW knit hats for an orphanage, and she really wants to help us!  It is cool to see that people love to serve and help wherever they can.  We are going to go back over this week and knit!  

Here’s a funny thing that happened.  We were at an apartment complex and we knocked on a door then waited for a little. When no one answered we knocked on the one across from it, but then they both opened their door at the same time!  We both tried to talk to them at the same time because we panicked and didn't know what to do.  They both didn't want to talk to us so a simultaneous door close, and then we burst out laughing.  Haha, you have the weirdest experiences being on a mission, but it’s the best!  

We helped a sister clean out her basement this week.  There was SO much stuff everywhere, and we organized the whole thing.  It was crazy how many bugs there were!!  Sister Kelly picked up a box and a massive bug with a TON of legs scuttled out.  She screamed SO loud which scared me, so I screamed and we ran across the room and then burst out laughing because of how ridiculously loud we both just screamed!  It was like night and day difference from where we started to where we finished!  I wish we had taken before and after pictures! She had a non-member friend visiting her who we taught, and then she came to church the next day so that was a cool miracle!! 

I almost fell off my bike, and it was hilarious.  I was stopping for a car but I had just moved the seat up and it was a little too high for me.  I stopped but jerked forward and sort of fell off, and the girl in the car was so stunned.  She started laughing and we started laughing, and all I could do was shake it off and keep going.  

AH! We woke up late on Sunday.  We knew it was daylight savings and we just thought our clocks would turn automatically… false!  After Sister Kelly got out of the shower she was said, "I feel as if our clocks didn't move forward."  We both started rushing around getting ready, and we had to do the walk of shame into ward council with our wet hair and thrown together outfits.  Luckily the ward is so great they didn't really care.  

I am so thankful for everyday I have to represent my Savior.  I am so imperfect, but He helps me every step of the way and for that I will be forever grateful! 

Love You!
Sister Hunter 

 Mary's visit from college

 Scenic break on the bike ride

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