Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 43: Conference Weekend!

Conference this past weekend was absolutely amazing.  It is such a spiritually uplifting experience that I have come to cherish so much! One of my favorite talks was by Elder Oaks, it really hit home for me!  I also loved Elder Waddell, Elder Duncan, and Elder Snow’s talks. 

We watched 3 sessions at the church, and then on Sunday morning we were able to go over to Sister Myers who is one of my favorite people ever!! She made us crepes and quiche, and it was so good! We were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday!  We get fed so much- as Sister Kelly would say, "Good thing we wore our stretchy skirts!!"  It was a great Sunday filled with the Spirit!  We have had a great and exhausting week!  I guess every week is like that.  Here are some of the highlights:

*finding some really great people in Senoia

*having someone we met with give us rocks from the River Jordan

*having amazing weather all week

*singing to people at a memory care center - they are so sweet

Have a great week! Love you! 

Sunday morning session with Sister Meyers!


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