Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 44: "Yes, I'm Still Here!"

This week we were able to see so many cool miracles with less active members and investigators!  We have started teaching a 9 year old boy in the ward whose family was recently baptized.  The elders had been struggling to teach him, so we gave it a try and it was great to see how much it clicked with him!  We taught the first lesson very simply and then asked him to help us teach it again, and he was able to remember so much of it!   He was so excited to show us that he had been looking at the picture book we left him and he had marked a few pictures too- he is so sweet.

We went to visit a less active that used to be in the YSA ward and the first thing he said to me was, "You are still here?!?" haha yes, yes I am.  I have gotten that SO many times this week- "Sister Hunter, how long have you been here!?!" I guess 10 months in one area is a long time.  Anyway, it was cool to see how he opened up to us, because when we would visit him in the past it was kind of hit or miss whether he would welcome us or not.  He's been struggling, and he said, "I'm like the Black Moses just trying to find my way."  He said he picked up the Book of Mormon for the first time in months yesterday and he was like, "And that’s crazy that you showed up here today!  Sometimes I just need that, just like one of my old parole officers who would pop in- sometimes people just need that!"  Cool miracle!  

We were looking at the ward roster and I had a small prompting to try to go visit a lady that no one in the ward has been able to contact, and we'd been over there a few times but no one had ever answered the door.  We went over and she opened the door and invited us right in!  She said she hadn't gone to church since before she was married, and now she is a great grandma! She was telling us how she recently had wanted to get involved in something again and she said she would like to come to church!!  She's so cute- she looks like Edna Mode off of Incredibles.  She looked extra tiny next to Sister Kelly and I who are giants!  

Another day we were out teaching with our Relief Society President, and we felt prompted to go visit a less active who no one has been able to contact in a long time, and she was home!  She is planning on moving soon, but it was great to be able to sit down and talk with her. She had just gone though a pretty rough time, and so she was like, "This is perfect timing!"  This week has been a huge testimony to me that the Lord is in charge and when we listen to the small promptings we receive then He will lead us and guide us to exactly where we should be.  He loves us and wants what is best for us.  It’s comforting to know that He will never leave us in the dark, but it’s up to us to turn on the light!   I love being able to share the gospel everyday.  People are so fascinated with us.  They can't believe all that we give up to be here, but I feel like I am gaining way more than I am temporarily giving up.  Missions are the best - the hardest thing, but the best thing!  I have no clue if anyone besides Mom and Dad read these emails- BUT if anyone else is reading this and is considering going on a mission- GO!  You will never regret the growth and the joy!   Thanks for all the support and prayers! Love you! 

P.S. The funny moment for the week was seeing Sister Kelly slow motion fall off her bike a few days ago! Haha, she was laughing and crying on the ground- she's wasn't hurt, but it was the laugh we needed that day! 


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