Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 45: Wonderful Whitewater!

This week has been a blur- it went by way too fast! I can't believe this transfer is almost over!  The transfer rumblings are starting!  Everyone is like, "Sister Hunter, you are a gonner," and they do have a point because I have been here so long!  Who knows, maybe I will stay!  I’m aiming for a year here!   Last P-day after we had finished emailing we  ate lunch with two other sets of sisters, and a lady from the Fayetteville ward came and paid for all of our lunches! It never ceases to amaze me that people here have such giving hearts.  That night we biked in the rain, and that was the day I decided to wear my glasses- not a good choice!  Biking in the rain is always an adventure and always amounts to laughing so that is a plus! 

On Tuesday we went out with Becca who just got back from her mission and heads off to BYU in a couple of weeks.  We helped a member bottle homemade jam on her farm!   She has a BEAUTIFUL farm with goats and a donkey, and it was a lot of fun being there and doing service too!  Later that evening we taught the Beehives the Plan of Salvation.  They are so sweet and there was a really awesome spirit there as we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  As I was bearing my testimony on the atonement it really hit me how much I have had to rely on the atonement throughout my mission, and especially these last couple of months.  If I could give anything to those sweet Beehives it would be the assurance that no matter what comes their way over the course of their lives that they can overcome anything through the enabling power of the Atonement- nothing is stronger than the Savior’s love for each of us.

On Thursday we went on an exchange to Griffin and it was a lot of fun!  It was nice to be in a totally different area for the day!  It’s a huge area and we spent quite a bit of time driving!  It was absolutely beautiful down there though! We got lost on a dirt road and we entered a canopy of trees, and it was seriously like we had entered Narnia, it was so pretty!  We eventually ended up finding our way to the appointment.  We had dinner with this really sweet, older lady and she was talking about a trip she is taking to London at the end of May.  She said, "I'm going to start packing tomorrow because Thomas S. Monson told us to get prepared early!"  I thought you would appreciate that, Dad- you are the ultimate packer and trip preparer!

We've started teaching a little 9 year old boy.  His family was baptized a couple years ago (can't remember if I've already written about him) but he and his little brother are planning on getting baptized this Sunday.  We’re going to review all the lessons this week and are so excited to help them both prepare for this Sunday! We helped Sister Martin paint again last week and I dipped my hair in paint... not cool!  I’m getting it cut today, but luckily it will just be a trim. 

Yesterday we went to a baptism of an 8 year old in our ward.  She is so sweet, so it was really fun!  Afterward we had an FHE with one of my favorite member families.  The oldest son is preparing to go on his mission to California in the summer.  Have a great week!! Love you! 


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