Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 47: Hello Summergrove!

The first week in the new area has definitely been an adventure!  I am serving in Summergrove, which is pretty close to my old area- the boundaries actually touch at one point!  My new companion is Sister Call from Ammon, Idaho. There was a baptism planned on Saturday of a girl that Sister Call and her old companion had been teaching, so that was a fun way to begin this new transfer.  It was a super simple baptism.  She didn't want very many people there, but the Spirit was so strong!  She has been through a lot in her life and it is cool to see how much she has overcome.  She will love having the Holy Ghost as her constant companion.  Her branch president from where she used to live in Illinois drove 10 hours here to baptize her, so that was really special.

Saying goodbye to all the members from Whitewater was really hard!  I know I will keep in contact with a lot of them forever so it isn’t the last time I will see them!  I am in the same stake still so hopefully I will run into them at stake events. 

On Friday we met with a recent convert who has a lot of health issues.  He had a stroke that left part of his body paralyzed, and it was so humbling to see him come out of his house to sit on his porch and read the scriptures with us.  He has an incredible level of dedication to the gospel.  He loves to go out and teach with the elders and has noticed ward members who haven’t been at church lately.  He was brainstorming with us about ways to get these individuals back to church!    

This area has been struggling to find new investigators.  They haven't found any in the past couple of weeks, and on Saturday we were able to find 3 really awesome people.  It was a huge blessing to find them! 

Over all it was a great week.  It’s starting to get super hot again, so I’m really glad to be in a car!  Biking would be rough in this humidity! Love you all thanks for the love and support!! 

 Sister Call and I after a long fast Sunday!

 A good omen!


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