Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 53: New Week, New Transfer

Sis. Call packed her things and we visited members and investigators to say goodbye.  It was bittersweet for sure!   On Wednesday we went to transfer meeting and there were so many missionaries there. Two-thirds of the missionaries were involved in the transfer!   My new companion is Sister Thompson and she is amazing!  Even though I’m the one training, I feel like I’m learning so much from her!  She is super hard working and we are already amazing friends!  We got right to work and headed to our first appointment.  When we got out of the car a guy that was walking by said, "Hey! I've wanted to come to your church! Can you come by sometime and teach me?" I couldn’t have planned a better first encounter for Sister Thompson than that! I love training because I get to experience the excitement of just arriving on a mission all over again.

We have had a week full of miracles!  So many people we have talked to are ready and open.  We pulled over and started finding at an apartment complex, and we knocked on about four doors and no one was answering.  We started to walk away, and I just had the feeling we should turn back.  Just as we turned around, a guy walked around the corner and we started talking to him.  We prayed with him and told him about the Book of Mormon and read Alma 7:11-12.  After bearing our testimonies of the atonement he said, "This is so crazy, I just came outside to get some fresh air and then you guys showed up!"  He said his best friend from middle school was Mormon and he was super willing to learn! We had multiple experiences like that this week, and it was a huge testimony to me that Heavenly Father wants to guide us by the Spirit, we just have to be obedient!  This week was one of those weeks that make all the hard days worth it, so hopefully we will see some progress with these amazing people in the coming weeks!!

It has been so fun to see Sis. Thompson experience the South for the first time.  I feel like I’m so used to it by now that I don't even notice the funny things people say and do.   We have had a blast laughing together and working together!  One last super cool miracle, we taught a recent convert this past week who literally lives in a house that is in the parking lot of a Baptist church. After she got baptized a bunch of people tried to pull her away from the church, and she went through a rough phase where she didn't know what to do. These last few weeks have been so amazing for her!  We went over and studied Mosiah 5 with her on her porch and after every verse she would smile and whisper, "amen!" or "hallelujah!” and she just has the strongest testimony of the Book of Mormon!  She makes me want to be a better missionary and a better person.  She came out with us to teach a few days later, and the appointments we had fell through. We felt really bad, but she turned to us and said, "We are not going to give up!  The missionaries didn't give up on me, there were weeks when I wouldn't answer my door, and they never gave up.  Look at me now!"  Like I said- coolest person ever!  She gives me so much hope that I am making a difference in people's lives, however big or small!  Well, I hope things are going great back home.  Hope ya'll have a good week, just pray that we don't melt down here in Georgia!  

  My new companion, Sister Thompson!



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  1. So glad I found your mission blog! I love it! It's great!!! My former student, Hannah Schwarz, is in the Atlanta mission! Hope you run into her!
    The Lord will bless you for your service!
    Miss Mitchell