Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 57: Greetings from Georgia!

Greetings from Georgia!  This week I have really been focusing on studying with all of my "heart, might, mind, and strength." I feel like I get so much more out of it when I have questions or when I’m looking for answers to become a better missionary or a better person.  I've been trying really hard to have the mentality of, "How can I change as result of what I have learned today?"  It has been a huge blessing to see myself changing and growing everyday.  There was a quote I wrote in my Book of Mormon this morning as I was reading that says, "While the Lord will magnify us both in subtle and dramatic ways, he can only guide our footsteps when we move our feet" (Marion G Romney). I know Heavenly Father wants His children to be growing and moving in a positive direction, but he can't help us unless we are willing to do our part.  We have been trying to help our investigators understand this concept.  

We went out teaching for the day with a girl from the ward who is going to leave on her mission in about a week. We had a lesson with an older lady who we've been trying to contact for a while.  It is amazing to see how so many people come from so many different backgrounds but that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant for everyone.

We had Zone Training and I always love to hear from President and Sister Foote. I have such a strong testimony that they are exactly what our mission needs! There was a convert of about six months that spoke to us and told us that when he was growing up he used to make fun of the LDS kids. He had a rough life and after being in and out of jail he took a step back and thought about where he wanted to be. He thought about those kids he used to make fun of, and he wanted what they had.  It was so cool to see that by simply living the gospel we are affecting those around us for the better!  

Catherine is still doing well.  She has been gone spending time with her grandma who has cancer. She is hoping to move which would be an amazing thing considering her neighborhood is pretty scary.  She was just telling us that ever since she's had the gospel in her life so many new doors have opened to her.

I am so grateful I have Grandad to look to as a role model.  He was such an amazing example of dedicating his life to missionary work, and I hope to emulate many of his qualities in my own life.  I know that he is teaching the gospel in the Spirit World.  I hope the funeral goes well, and although I wish I could be there, and I know he would want me right here in Georgia. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad - love you both!  

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