Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 58: Georgia, Home of Incredible Peaches and Awesome Investigators!

This week has been great!  The highlight of the week was for sure Sunday!  Daniel and Joi both came to church and tons of people in the ward reached out to them and made them feel welcome.  Daniel was talking to us before sacrament meeting started and he was asking us where he could get "a nicer copy of the book of Mormon, or a leather one," and also where he could pay tithing... so amazing!  The talks in sacrament meeting were awesome.  The high councilman focused on the importance of following the promptings of the Spirit when making decisions and when trying to improve our lives, which was so perfect for both of them to hear. 

Another highlight was teaching an investigator we have recently started working with named Desiree. We read 2 Nephi 31 with her and the Spirit was so strong as we talked about baptism!  We also went out to lunch with one of my favorite ladies from Fayettville. We stopped at a fruit stand where there were selling peaches from South Georgia, and they were the best peaches I have ever had in my life.  

We were walking to an appointment on a street where we had knocked on doors previously in the week. A lady was out working in her yard, and yelled, "Were ya'll the ones who left the card on my door the other day?"  Then she went on to say that she was sorry she didn't call us but that she would really like to meet with us! It was such a cool, tender mercy.  Friday we went on exchanges with the STL's and ended up sitting in a Toyota car dealership for 7 hours -_-.  

We had a really great lesson with Joi this past week.  It’s incredible to see her perspective changing.  She told us that everything in her life is looking up since we've been coming to visit.  She smiles so much more- the gospel truly does bring lasting happiness! 

Overall it was a great week, and we are excited that we get to stay together this next transfer.  There are crazy changes happening all over our mission, but, thankfully, things are staying the same here in Newnan.  Thanks for all the love and support!  

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