Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 60: The Power of Prayer

This week has been full of ups and downs! The sad news is that Sister Christ (the other sister in our apartment) is sick and going home to try and get better.  We will probably end up double covering in a trio until they can figure something else out.  Basically our world is about to get rocked this week!  Luckily, we aren't on our own, and if Heavenly Father wants us to take on these two wards, He is going to help us!  It rained a bunch this week.  It started POURING one day when we were on the road, and so we headed to a member’s house to wait until it passed over.  We had to leave for an appointment and it was still pouring rain, so the dad was like, "Hold on I have an idea.” He grabbed a massive beach umbrella and walked out to the car holding it over all of us while we were basically under a waterfall of water... haha, it probably looked so funny and totally reminded me of something dad would do!

We got the best news ever! Daniel called us on Thursday and left a voicemail saying, "I’m not done with the life of the Mormon church.  I want to keep learning and I love church!"  Sister Thompson’s and my jaw basically hit the floor- we were so shocked and excited!  We called him back and he said, "Have ya'll been praying for me?" We told him,"Uh, yeah! Every day!!"  He went on to tell us how so many things have been happening that he can't explain.  His rent got paid, his wife just got a job, and so many things are working out where as before they were just falling apart.  He was like, "I knew it! We have definitely felt your prayers! I was telling my wife that I knew it was the sisters praying for us!"  The power of prayer is so real.  That was probably the coolest miracle of the week. We taught him Saturday, and he came to church Sunday.  We invited him to be baptized, and he was really open to it and so excited because no one had ever invited him to be baptized before.  

Church was so awesome.  A couple who joined the church about two years ago spoke and did such a great job.  The wife said something that really stood out to me.  She said, "If you've prayed about something, stop worrying about it!"  It was such an answer to prayer! I know in whom I have trusted and I know He will never let me down, so I don't need to worry!

The pictures- the first one is with Patricia.  She is one of our investigators, and she is SO sweet.  We gave her the BOM on CD to listen to, and we followed up this time.  She was telling us how she listened to it, and she had the biggest smile on her face!  Then the second picture is with Annie Kate, the sweetest old lady on the planet.  Her memory isn't too great, so each time we go we hear the same stories over and over, but we pray and read scriptures with her to keep her company.  She is very lonely and appreciates our visits, and we love going over to see her too.  So grateful for the many people I have been able to meet.  My life has been greatly enriched because of these amazing people! 

-Sister Hunter              

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