Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 62: Goodbye Summergrove, Hello Griffin!

I arrived here in Griffin on Wednesday afternoon and it feels like I’ve been here a year!  Tuesday was spent saying goodbye to members and investigators.  A cool miracle- Catherine has a friend, Naiema, who we met a couple months back, and we both felt like we should really try and see if she wanted to take the lessons.  Things with Catherine have been so crazy lately that we haven't been able to get any of Naiema’s contact info.  Two Sundays ago a member who had been teaching overseas and had moved here to live with her daughter came to church.  We visited her on Tuesday, and as we got to talking we realized that her daughter is Naiema!! What a miracle!  Sister Russell and Sister Thompson will start teaching her the lessons ….without me sadly!
Now for Griffin, good old, crazy Griffin.  It is a huge area, and Sister Finisie and I live on the North end of the ward boundary, which puts us super far from everything and everyone.  I was pretty overwhelmed when I first arrived, but it is definitely growing on me, and I think I am going to like it better and better each week!  We cleaned a woman’s house the first day I got here.  She had a stroke recently and can't do much.  I have cleaned some pretty disgusting houses since being on my mission, but this one might just take the cake.  Sister Finisie and I were both gagging as we were cleaning and killing as many of the cockroaches as possible.

We were able to teach a mother and daughter about the Plan of Salvation, and it was really cool to see the light bulbs turn on as we explained the Godhead.  I love how the gospel makes so much sense.  There were quite a few investigators at church on Sunday, and two of the elders and I spoke.  We all talked on missionary work.  That’s a real shocker, I know!  Luckily, we all had a different take on it, so it turned out okay.  The members are super supportive here.  I think in the past they have struggled with member support, so there is a huge push for it right now, and we have had members come out and teach with us almost everyday since I’ve been here!  I know that Heavenly Father has called me here for a reason, and I am trusting that He knows what He is doing!  Sorry for the lack of pictures recently - when we come home at night we are so exhausted and it looks like I’ve washed my face in butter - but I promise I will do better!  I hope you have fun at Harry Potter World, and thanks so much for the updates on Alpine Days and all the fun adventures of the week!  I love you both!! 

Sister Finisie is from South America, and we were together at the MTC

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