Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 66: Annette, Connie, Bob, & Al!

This week has been great! We taught the restoration to Annette, a lady that we tracted into a couple of weeks ago. She is an older lady who attends the Atlanta Bible College.  As we were teaching she was really able to feel the Spirit, and I think she was surprised that everything we read out of the Book of Mormon aligned with what she believed.  The Book of Mormon truly is amazing.

We also taught another lady named Connie, and this was one of the most amazing lessons I have been able to be apart of! She has been to so many churches over her lifetime and was expressing to us that she had never felt anything at any of them.  Then towards the end of our lesson she said, "I feel something in my heart right now that I have never felt before." It was so cool to explain to her how the Spirit works.  We are SO excited to keep teaching her! 

Bob is still doing great!  He always has a smile on his face and is working on his family history. We hope to go to the temple here soon with him. I was able to go out teaching with Ryleigh this week! I feel like the two of us have a crazy connection, and it has been amazing to be back in the same ward with her!  Her twitch has started to come back, and mine was pretty bad this week, so during one of our lessons we were both jerking and I just had to smile because no one knows what in the world is going on with the two of us! I felt really anxious towards the beginning of the week, but it has been better these last few days.  We went to this huge activity in Hampton on Saturday called COPS (Come Out and Play Saturday).  Hampton is such a small town and we were able to see and talk to lots of people we knew there.  It was awesome! They were playing music for part of it and it was all Christian rock, rap, and hip hop – haha, I’m definitely living in the Bible Belt.  There were other local churches there with booths too! 

That cute old lady whose daughter is a member had a birthday on Saturday.  She is the cutest human alive, and I’ll have to take a picture of her to send home. Probably the coolest miracle of the week was meeting Al.  We tracted into him and he was really excited to come to church right away. He came with some members the next day and it was amazing! After the meeting we were talking to him and he was telling us how a lot of what was said he specifically thought was for him.  He was said, "So how do you become a missionary? I think I would really like that." We were so shocked! We explained how he has to get baptized and then go through the temple, and he told us he is going to pray about it.  I've never had someone want to progress in the gospel as quickly.  We are so excited to keep teaching him! I love you both, and I am so grateful for your constant love and prayers!  It means more to me than you will ever know! Hope you have a great week!  

 We had a challenge as a district to see who can get a group selfie first, and we asked these kids playing street ball if we could take a selfie with them. They totally all got in a group and took it with us! 

 Sister B and I hit our month marks on the same day, so we took pictures in honor of that! That was after a LONG day of finding in the hot sun- aka greasy faces.  

Pretty sunset in front of our duplex.  


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