Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 73: Happy Halloween and the "Great Chili Cook-Off"

Happy Halloween! Monday after P-day we went out teaching with a really awesome member.  Teaching with members seriously makes a world of difference! We taught one of our investigators, Jonathan, and we went over the Restoration.  It always amazes me when we teach this lesson how strong the spirit is when we quote the first vision- it’s amazing! When we were walking out of his trailer, the member fell down part of the stairs (it was really dark), and we felt so bad! I am the worst - I was holding back laughter, but Sister B was the compassionate one who helped her. Luckily, she was okay! We met this really awesome lady, Michelle, when we were trying to find a potential right before we came in for the night, and she really wanted to meet with us.

Tuesday we went out with Sister Martin for most of the day, and it was a day of miracles! We taught 10 different lessons and most of them were to investigators. We taught a lady whom we had helped move in a while back.  This was the first time we were able to go back and teach her, and all three of her kids were there. They were really open to hearing our message. We had to simplify the restoration quite a bit, but the kids were paying attention! The spirit was so strong when we talked about how they can grow closer together as a family.  We also went back and taught Michelle and her boyfriend, Steven, and it was amazing! They used to be really religious and want to get that back into their lives.  They were soaking up everything!

We had President Interviews on Wednesday, and I know I say this all the time about the Foote’s, but they are truly some of the most Christlike people I know, and I will be forever grateful for the influence they have had on my life.  We taught sweet Maple later that day.  Her English is getting so much better, and she is grasping principles of the gospel more and more.  She misses her home and family quite a bit though.  We taught Bible study that night and there are more and more people that come every week! Yay! Later in the week we had another lesson with Michelle and Steven, and when we introduced the BOM they were so excited about it.  When we were looking up scriptures it was so sweet to see both of them flipping through their copies and then being so excited about what the scriptures had to say! 

The Trunk or Treat went really well.  There were a lot of less actives and non-members there! They had a Chili Cook Off and, of course, we were the judges for it! There was a lot of good tasting chili, but they all started blending together after awhile!  We had one lesson with Skye this week, and she is progressing really well.

Happy Halloween! Love you! 

 We love Maple!

 We happen to have the exact same outfit, so for Halloween, we dressed up as twins!

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