Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 76: Go Bulldogs!

Another great week here in the Griffin Ward!! On Monday we had such an amazing lesson with our investigator, Connie! Remember her? We found her what seems like a long time ago, and scheduling appointments with her has been tough, but we finally were able to teach her! We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation, and it was so amazing to see the joy that it brought her.  She had no idea about the pre- earth life or anything about what happens after we die.  Throughout the lesson she kept saying, "No one has ever told me this before!" It was one of those lessons where I kept thinking to myself, "Is this really happening?” There was such an amazing spirit there and she truly is so ready for the Gospel! 

We taught Maple again this week, and we also talked to her about the Plan of Salvation! We taught that lesson a lot this week it seems.  She kept saying how much peace it brought to her heart.  She, too, had never heard about what happens before we come to this earth and after we leave. We also painted earlier in the week with Maple.  She is 35 years old and had never picked up a paintbrush! She said in China they have no art in their schools or anything. It was fun to see her experience that for the first time.  On Thursday we went out with a member and were able to see quite a few of our investigators! It is such a blessing when people don't cancel!  We also taught Skye that day and she is doing great!  Her date is now set for Dec. 3rd so that her sister can be there.  She is progressing really well and excited about the gospel.

We had a great lesson with Michelle and Steven, a couple we are teaching, and there house was literal chaos - people everywhere, TV on, dogs everywhere - but there seemed to be a bubble around where we were sitting because the spirit was so strong. It was such a cool experience.

President and Sister Foote came to our ward and spoke on Sunday and it was so great! The ward members love having them come, and I love those two so much.  Well, those are pretty much the highlights of the week! Oh yeah, the two of us are staying together for the next 4 weeks, and I get to stay here in the Griffin Ward until I go home.  I am relieved for sure!! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! We are going to Sister Martin’s, which should be a lot of fun! Hope everyone at home is doing well! Love you!! 

 Maple with her first ever art project!

 Go Bulldogs!

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